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A Sibling Doula Brooklyn can provide an answer for your family. You can choose to have your labor and delivery at home, at a birth center, or in a hospital with the help of our sibling doulas. While both parents concentrate on welcoming the new baby into the world, our sibling doulas are on hand to look after older siblings.

Because Sometimes Birth Needs Extra Hands

Because Sometimes Birth Needs Extra Hands

Whether a woman gives birth at home or in a hospital, the doula’s job is to ensure that she is heard, valued, at ease, safe, and in control of all aspects of the pregnancy, labor, and delivery process. By helping with the formulation of queries and expressing the birthing person’s wishes, for example, doulas can also enhance communication between the birthing person, their family, and clinical workers.

During pregnancy, a birth doula nyc typically meets alongside their clients one or more times, and then again in the early postpartum phase. In addition, doulas can support moms with taking care of themselves breastfeeding, and the mental and physical recovery period following childbirth.

Is A Sibling Doula Right For My Family?

A sibling doula care services NYC is an excellent choice if you are worried about who will look after the older kids during labor or if you are concerned that your partner won’t be able to attend your delivery. You and your family have our team of reliable and experienced doula care services NYC at your service.

✔️ Sibling doulas support children during pregnancy and birth, focusing on their emotions and needs.

✔️ We’re here for your children and for you, supporting them emotionally during birth.

✔️ We understand birth’s uncertainty and adapt our support accordingly, staying committed until relieved.

✔️ Sibling doulas often double as postpartum doulas, aiding families with older children post-birth.

✔️ A sibling doula provides crucial support during childbirth, ensuring family harmony and children’s well-being.

Is A Sibling Doula Right For My Family?

Why Team Up with Our Sibling Doula Services

When you’re expecting a new baby, our sibling doula services make sure your older children feel a part of it and encouraged. We offer professional orientation, counseling, and engaging events that promote peace within the family. 

A Reliable Companion for Your Children

During this time of changing circumstances, your older kids can rely on our sibling doulas to be trustworthy companions, offering constancy and support. They support the change and ensure your kids feel affection and respect.

Comprehensive Support without Judgment

Our doulas provide customized support according to your family’s requirements, including care of your older kid’s interests and care without casting criticism. They make sure everyone’s requirements are met through providing a complete approach.

Expert Advice for Your Family's Benefit

Our doulas provide experience and comprehension, offering valuable guidance to ensure a seamless shift for everyone in the family. They act as seasoned, caring mentors, offering support that goes above and beyond basic medical treatment.

Safe, Skilled, Experienced. We Are Here For You.

While there isn’t a standard certification, especially for sibling doulas, their role is different because it focuses on delivering on-call support and assistance during births. This discriminates them from standard childcare providers. Comprehending normal birth physiology is important for anyone showing support during labor, particularly at out-of-hospital births, as it permits them to offer reasonable and valuable help to families during this crucial time.

Many aspiring sibling doulas choose to meet birth or postpartum doula training. This training improves their knowledge of both birth and postpartum care, making them more familiar and better ready to help families. Also, having a background in doula training soothes parents that their doula is trained and competent to provide the complete support required for the whole family during the birth cycle.

Safe, Skilled, Experienced. We Are Here For You.
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Experience You Can Trust

Our group of knowledgeable, licensed sibling doulas listens to the needs of your family and provides specific support. We have a track record of pleased customers who value the beneficial influence our doulas had throughout their family’s shifts.

Comprehensive Family Support

Our doulas for siblings assist you during this shift, engage older kids, and promote sibling bonding to help keep the home peaceful. They manage routine duties and provide emotional assistance while fostering peace among the family.

Flexible Scheduling

Having an older child and a baby could result in an unpredictably volatile family. We can modify our schedule to meet your needs, no matter if you require daytime or evening care. We keep lines with one another open, so feel free to reach out to us by phone, text, or in person anytime needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing between a sibling doula brooklyn or a nanny, view the following:

  • Consider your family's preferences, values, and objectives.
  • Consider the age and precise requirements of your older children.
  • Choose your preferred level of involvement for older siblings in the pregnancy and childbirth method.
  • Evaluate the measurement of the moment you demand experienced help.
  • Study possible caregivers' capabilities, knowledge, and compatibility with your family.

By looking online for "sibling doula" or "birth doula," and then narrowing your search on the area, you can find an experienced sibling doula in your area. You may also obtain suggestions from neighbors, relatives, or other parents within your community.

After your list of prospective providers is smaller and it's a good idea to investigate their professional history, set up personal interviews, and look over feedback from clients.

Sibling doulas are typically not covered by insurance, but certain insurance policies do pay for certain amenities or only certain kinds of them. It is important that you speak with your insurance provider about any potential coverage.

Sibling doulas can, in fact, work alongside birth and postpartum doulas to offer comprehensive family care. Through this partnership, the birthing parent and siblings will receive the support and care they require all through this momentous life event.

In addition to involving older children in developmental-appropriate activities, a sibling doula can provide emotional support, facilitate activities that build relationships between siblings and the new baby, assist with everyday tasks, and offer guidance to help children adjust to and accept their new role.

The Much-Needed Support You’re seeking is finally here

Between endless diaper changes, figuring out feeding, and maybe some sleep deprivation, those early days can feel a little…intense. Getting a blissful stretch of uninterrupted sleep while your doula watches the baby  or having an extra set of hands during those marathon diaper duty sessions is something every mother deserves. The postpartum doula support look after you  and your baby chores so you don’t get yourself feeling sad, worried, or tired after a few days of giving birth.

Postpartum support services

Postpartum Support

The transition to parenthood comes with a unique set of challenges. Our postpartum doulas are here to offer a listening ear, a helping hand, and a wealth of experience. We can assist with tasks like newborn care, feeding routines, and light housework, allowing you to rest and recharge.

Daytime & Nighttime Support

Whether you crave a few precious hours of uninterrupted sleep or simply need a helping hand during those busy daytime stretches, our doulas can offer flexible daytime and nighttime support to watch the baby while you shower, or maybe you’d like an extra pair of hands during diaper changes and feeding sessions.

Sibling Doula Support

Welcoming a new member to the family can be an exciting, yet sometimes confusing time for older siblings. Our sibling doulas can help ease the transition for them, providing age-appropriate activities, creating special bonding moments between siblings, and offering emotional support as they adjust to their new role.

Lactation Education & Consultation

We’ll provide tips and techniques to heal sore nipples and prevent future discomfort. You’ll learn the strategies to relieve engorgement and ensure a comfortable feeding experience. We’ll also guide you on proper positioning and techniques for a successful latch that benefits both you and your baby.