What New Moms Really Think About Us

They advocated for my wishes and helped me manage the pain.The postpartum care and overnight support were incredible. They helped me with newborn care, breastfeeding, and even getting some much-needed sleep. I felt so much more confident and prepared thanks to their help!

Lara A.

Their doula guided me through another beautiful birth, and the postpartum support was amazing. They helped me adjust to having two little ones, offering guidance on breastfeeding, sibling bonding, and even light housework. I can't recommend them enough for the work they’ve done.

Jennie R.

We hired Tracy as our Doula and she was wonderful. Professional, supportive, trustworthy and so warm to have in our home. I would highly recommend Tracy as a Doula!


Tracy has been amazing with our son! She started to work with us part time as an overnight doula when he was only a few weeks old. She really loves working with babies and I can tell that she really enjoys what she does. She always had good advice whenever we needed, and she was somehow always able to calm him whenever we couldn’t. I would hire Tracy again and highly recommend her!


Tracy has cared for our son since he was an infant. She is very experienced and knowledgeable, extremely communicative, professional, punctual, and reliable—but more than anything, Tracy is just a terrific human being. She is so warm and loving, and passionate about babies and children! I trust her implicitly to hand any situation that might arise with my child, and would recommend her to anyone looking for excellent childcare and postpartum support


Erica came into my life when not only my son needed taking care of, but I needed taking care of as well. One of the most genuine, erudite, loving humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of being around was now caring for my kid, but in doing so, was also caring for me. She was gentle and passionate about us and has since become a treasured member of our family. Anyone would be lucky to get to be cared for by Erica!!!-


Due to the pandemic, my family has relocated out of Brooklyn and had to part ways with this amazing human being, Stacey, much sooner than expected. Stacey has been vital to our family starting with our first as our New born care specialist/night/weekend child care provider. She came into our lives with a breath of fresh air calming our already over stimulated nerves as new parents When our second and third were born, she proved to us that not only was she a pro with toddlers and kids, but that she was magic with babies and the whole dynamics of multiple children. Taking care of 3 children under the age of 5 is no joke (as we’ve been doing it full time for the last 3 months, we can attest to the fact that Stacey is superhuman!). Yet she did it all so gracefully, had them on a schedule, flawlessly managed multiple drop offs and pick ups from scheduled classes on the weekends, got my 2 younger ones on the same nap schedule (🙌🏼), bathed and fed them, and so much more. She is a true gem of a human - so kind, loving, gentle, and a protector which I loved - I knew my kids were so well taken care of in her hands. Stacey had no problem making friends with other childcare professionals in our building and easily integrated with nannies of our kids’ friends, always setting up play dates or meet ups at the park. She is very easy to get along with and even though this was just on the weekends she provided outstanding care. With incorporating her love of arts and crafts into their daily routine, we have so many craft projects that would be a whole different topic all together. I could go on and on and on Stacey, needless to say, when she reached out to us for a referral we were delighted to do so. So here we are now, my priority to ensure she lands with an incredible top notch family that deserves her. I’d be happy to talk to anyone further about Stacey and our experience with her. We would be happy to do so.


Erica is a kind, nurturing soul, and the loving care she showed our son as his nanny still shines through in him today. Her energy is infectious and her kindness knows no bounds. She is an attentive, empathetic caregiver, a complete professional, and a wonderful human being. Anyone who works with her will be in the best of hands