A Beginners Guide to Day Care for Your Baby

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Being a first-time parent can be a hard job with no proper guidance as everyone wants what is best for their child. After birth, as many parents have their own jobs and commitments, they cannot stay home indefinitely to take care of their child. If you are thinking, “There’s got to be a good daycare for newborns near me”, Labor of Love is here to help you take care of your newborn, one of the leading Newborn Care Specialists in NYC

When looking for a daycare, there are a lot of aspects one needs to consider, think upon, and compare with others as it is not a job for everyone. From researching on your own, asking other parents for recommendations, to visiting a daycare yourself, a lot of aspects need to be thought through. Lucky for you, we are here to guide you through these steps to help you make the right choice for your baby. 

Start Early 

The best way to decide on the best daycare for your baby is to start early. Start asking around for the best options before you go back to work, beginning your research, so that you already have a decision made once it is time to put the baby in a daycare. This way, you can weigh your options, visit facilities, and make an informed option before you are put on the spot. The earlier you can comfortably start is better as extra preparation is not a thing when it comes to caring for your child. 


Research is an important part of choosing the appropriate daycare for your baby. Every daycare has a certain way of doing things, and you might not agree with their ways. It is better to know all this beforehand rather than frantically searching for a Hail Mary in the end. Many facilities shall allow you to visit with your baby so that you can look around while your baby also familiarizes with the environment. Talking to caregivers and workers at the facilities can also be beneficial as they are the people you shall be entrusting your child with. 

Ask for Recommendations 

Asking for recommendations by talking to other parents and members of the community can also be of huge help, as their experiences can provide valuable insights. People with experience can provide an insight to something that you cannot get from looking at anything from the outside. Talk about the schedules, the quality of workers, and other vital information you may be able to get from others as they are the best guides in this situation. 

Visit Daycare Centers 

Scheduling visits is an important part of selecting the right daycare. Visiting the daycare yourself can give you more information about the daycare than anyone else. Make sure that you pay attention to the cleanliness, safety measures, the way the caregivers interact with the children, and the overall atmosphere amongst other things. 

This is truly vital as every facility has its own standards of work, and while one thinks of them as the right option, others may not agree. It is important that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision over what daycare facility you want to choose so that you may be able to make a proper decision. 

Check Licensing and Credentials 

When deciding and shortlisting potential candidates for a daycare, make sure that you look at their credentials and licensing. Daycare facilities require proper licenses to run their operations as the staff requires proper training and certifications before handling the children. As they are responsible for the upbringing, care, and education of children, not everyone is suitable for such a job. Other than that, credentials from institutes like the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) means that the staff is properly trained on all aspects, and all this points towards the highest quality of care. 

Understand Policies and Procedures 

Before making a final decision, make sure that you understand the policies of the daycare regarding certain situations. This can be their procedure of drop-off, policies related to pick-up, procedures and policies of handling sick children, and many other aspects. Familiarize yourself with these policies and procedures and choose the facility that you think suits you and your child the most. Remember, all these policies and procedures are in place for the safety of your children and are highly essential. They may be tedious, but you will have to deal with them at every daycare you go to. 

Trial Period 

Before making a final decision, take some time with the facility as a trial period. Keep your child in the care of the facility for shorter periods of time in the start to get familiar with how they do things. This way, you can get a lay of the land, experiencing them hands-on before you make a final decision, and if you do end up choosing the certain facility, your child shall already be familiar with the surroundings and the staff there. 

This will allow them to settle in easily. This makes regular long stays at the facility easier for both you and your baby, as being familiar with the people there shall keep you at peace that your child is in good hands. 

Stay Connected 

When you do decide on a daycare, make sure that you keep in touch with them. This way, they can keep you updated on the overall progress of your child in terms of health, behavior, or any concerns that need to be addressed. The caregivers at a daycare facility are trained professionals who know very well on how to take care of a child. 

Caregivers can also offer you valuable insights on how to move forward with your child if you are having trouble in certain areas. Staying in touch with them is nothing but beneficial, as caregivers do want the parents to be thoroughly involved in the way they are caring for their child.

Trust Your Instinct

Unsatisfied with daycare for newborns near me? Well, If you don’t feel satisfied with the daycare facility in any way whatsoever, keep the search going. Do not settle for any daycare you think may be lacking something that your child needs as at the end of the day, you are the parents, not the daycare facility. Every daycare facility has different ways of doing things, and it is ok if you do not feel comfortable with their style of doing things. There are various other options out there, giving you the satisfaction you need to be relaxed while they look after your child.

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